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Comprehensive Sound System Design and Installation Book

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The Sound System Design and Installation Book is the result of over 26 years experience and 700 Church installations. It provides very practical advice in layman's terms.

By learning how to do it right the first time, you can save thousands of dollars and years of frustration.

Over the past 26+ years, Alectro Systems has installed sound and video systems in about 700 churches. Often we have replaced equipment which the church tried to install themselves. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of these cases, the job was done very poorly. Although it is great to have a church community which is willing to commit their time and effort to projects like this, it does take a considerable amount of experience to get the job done right.

Sometimes these projects are headed up by someone who thinks they know “all about sound” and sometimes, they do know a lot. Although this knowledge is definitely helpful, particularly in operating the system, there is a lot more to designing and installing a church sound system properly than most people realize.

This book compiles 26 years of Church Sound System Design and Installation experience into a form which is easy to understand and apply. It covers all aspects of the design and installation using a number of different room configuration and equipment examples. The intention is to give you the information you need to do it right the first time.

These pages will take you from choosing the right equipment for your application through finding the right locations to install it, installation techniques, interconnection and tuning and balancing of the system.

Once you have installed your system, you will need to learn to operate it properly. An instrument is only as good as its musician. To complete your job, we have produced the Sound Operator’s Handbook - Tricks of the Trade. This provides you with the knowledge to obtain the best performance out of your sound system.

The Sound Operator’s Handbook also provides you with a great deal of mixer operation and microphone application information which helps you select the right equipment. It complements, and is often referred to in this Design and Installation book.

All aspects of the process are covered in detail, including:

- Choosing the right equipment
- Determining where to locate the speakers and electronics
- Designing Main, Monitor, Fill-in and Distribution speaker systems.
- Choosing and installing microphones
- Choosing and Installing Hearing Assistance
- Choosing and Installing an Audio Recording System
- Complete system wiring and interconnection
- Tuning and Balancing the System
- Programming a System Processor

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Although you don't absolutely need it, you should also purchase the Sound Operator's Handbook. This is referred to in the Design book and helps you understand the design process better.

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