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MIS-07 Vehicle Intercom System with Siren

The MIS-07 was designed for the armored vehicle industry to allow the driver to communicate with a person outside, without opening a window. As well as an intercom, the MIS-07 also includes a dual function siren (yelp and wail).

The MIS-07-11 system consists of a main intercom unit which is mounted under the dash board, a paging horn mounted under the hood and a small microphone which is mounted in the outside rear view mirror on the driver’s side. It includes a hand held microphone with push to talk switch which hangs on a clip mounted on the dash.

The MIS-07-21 is exactly the same except we add a second outside microphone, one for each side of the vehicle. The MIS-07-12 has two under hood horns for twice the paging and siren volume, and the MIS-07-22 combines both of these upgrades. Other custom configurations are also available.

Once installed and connected to the vehicle’s 12 volt electrical system, it is ready to use.

To operate the system, simply turn on the power switch. A green LED illuminates to indicate that it is functioning. Adjust the left hand volume control (Outside Mic) to obtain the desired volume from the outside microphone. You will hear this through a speaker built into the main unit.

In order to speak to people outside the vehicle, press the talk switch on the hand held microphone and adjust the second volume control (Inside Mic) to the desired level. When you press the talk switch, the internal speaker is muted, so you won’t hear your voice coming back through the outside microphone.

To operate the siren, turn on the siren switch on the right side of the unit. A separate switch in the centre selects yelp or wail.

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