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AGDC2 - Eliminates AC Hum on Sound System

Ground loops cause AC Hum

When electronic equipment is connected to a mixer, sometimes a ground loop is created. A ground loop is a voltage difference between the mixer AC ground connection and the AC ground connection of other equipment connected to the mixer. This can happen even if one of the devices doesn't have a ground pin, because it can also travel through the neutral wire. The result is an AC Hum injected into the audio.

Ground loops are very common when a computer or DVD player is connected to the mixer and also to a video projector. They also often occur when a device in a remote location is connected to the mixer. This could be a computer or electronic musical instrument connected to a mixer input, or an amplifier or powered speaker connected to a mixer output.

Eliminating ground loops

In order to eliminate the ground loop, the audio connection between the two interconnected devices needs to be completely isolated. This is exactly what the AGDC2 decoupler does.

The AGDC2 is made for Balanced and Unbalanced Line Level

All inputs and outputs will accept balanced or unbalanced connections. It will even convert from one to the other in any combination. Alectro Systems makes a wide range of cables to interconnect any equipment you might need it for.




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