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AGDC2 AC Hum Eliminator Application Examples

The AGDC2 will electrically (physically) isolate the audio between two pieces of equipment. It isolates both the signal and ground. Being a two channel unit, it can be used for stereo or mono applications. In mono, it can be used to isolate two entirely independent devices from the mixer input or output.

Some common applications include:

1) Computer audio out into the mixer. When a computer video out is connected to a projector, and the computer audio out is connected to a mixer, a ground loop is often created between the projector and the mixer.

2) DVD audio out into a mixer. Like above, because the DVD player is connected to both the projector and the mixer, a ground loop is created.

3) Musical Instrument connected to a mixer. A ground loop is created between the remotely located instrument and the mixer.

4) Mixer output to recording device such as CD or DVD recorder. Sometimes a ground loop is created, especially if the recorder is remotely located or connected to another unit such as a Video mixer or camera.

5) Mixer output to remote amplifiers. If the mixer is located in one place and the amplifiers somewhere else, a ground loop can be created.

6) Mixer output to powered monitors. Because the mixer is plugged into one AC source and the monitors into another source, a ground loop is often created.

7) Mixer output to a sound system in another room. Sometimes we link the sound from the main room into a separate amplifier or mixer in another room. This often creates a ground loop.

These are just a few examples of ground loops and AGDC2 applications. There are many more.

The AGDC2 inputs and outputs are all 1/4" Phone TRS (3 conductor) connections. It will accept and feed either unbalanced or balanced line level signals in any combination. It will even convert unbalanced to balanced or vice-versa.

Alectro systems makes a wide range of cables to connect the AGDC2 to any piece of equipment you might need it for.

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