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Projection Screens

Alectro Systems carries a complete line of excellent quality projection screens. They come in many different surfaces and sizes, manual, electric, tripod, rear screen . . . there are thousands of different variations.

Projection Screens are like all other audio video equipment, if you don't get a high quality screen, you will be sorry. The screens we sell are seamless (unless both length and width exceed 9 feet), heavy weight material, with a high quality surface. The screen mechanisms are very quiet and reliable.

For computer projection and standard video (VCR or camera), the size ratio for a screen should be 4:3 (4 wide to 3 high). The height of the screen should be equal to 1/6 the distance from the screen surface to the farthest person viewing it. This is best, especially for movies. If you are only using the screen for computer generated words, you can get away with a smaller screen, although the 1/6 size is still optimum. The proper size screen for a room where the farthest person is about 54 feet away from the screen would be 9 feet high and 12 feet wide.

There is a large selection of screen surfaces such as Rear Screen, Sound Transparent, Neutral Gray, various degrees of increased reflection, etc. Usually the best choice for Churches however is Matte White. This is because it provides a wide viewing angle with good even reflection and it doesn't cause problems with ambient light, like High Reflection screens do.

Screens are all custom made. If you are interested in purchasing one, you should contact us with details of your room. Factors we consider include, distance to the farthest viewer, worst case viewing angle, ceiling height or height of the screen housing, distance from the screen housing to desired bottom of the screen, and any other special considerations. We often add extra black drop at the top of the screen so that the housing can be mounted on the ceiling, but the screen can still drop down to the proper height. If you would like a price on a Projection Screen, please contact us.

Here are a few of the most popular screens in our web store.


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