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Video Projection

Video Projection

Typical Projector Installation

Find out what you need for a basic ceiling mounted projector.


Projection System Configuration Examples

Find out what equipment you need, and how to connect it, based on your system requirements.

Understanding Projector Specifications

This section gives you a detailed description of what each projector specification means and how it relates to real life. It helps in selecting the right projector for your specific application.

Choosing the right Projector and Screen

Find out how to choose the right size and style of screen and projector for your application.

Projection Screens

Learn more about Projection Screens and controls.

Converting, Splitting and Boosting Video

These are devices which amplify, split, and convert your video signals.

Video Cables and Boosting Computer Video Signals

The quality of your cable makes a big difference. Find out more.


Complete Video Packages

We can supply you with the complete video projection system including the Projector, screen, computer and software.

Video Projection Software

The most popular Video Presentation programs for Churches are Easy Worship and Power Point. Find out more about them.

Wireless RF Mouse

This is a perfect addition to your computer for EasyWorship and Power Point.

Video Tips On Projectors

How do I use Microsoft Power Point for Split Screen?

Should we use EasyWorship or Power Point?

How do I set up Easy Worship for Split Screen?

Our Pastor needs to control his computer power point presentation when speaking but our computer is at the back. What can we do?

We need to control our video projector from a location where the remote control does not work.

When we connect our computer to the projector using a long VGA cable the picture is poor quality, but using a short cable it is fine.

We want to start using video projection, can we get a complete system which will be perfect for our application?

We want to start using video projection in our church but how do we determine what screen and projector to use?

There are so many projectors on the market with complicated specifications. How can I understand these specifications?

Video Projection Equipment In Our Store

Multimedia Projectors
Projection Screens
EasyWorship Presentation Software
Video cables
All Video Projection Equipment
RF Wireless Mouse




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