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Example of a very simple Projection System

This is a basic Projection System with just a computer, projector and a DVD Player.

In this example, the computer connects directly to the VGA input on the projector and the DVD player connects to the Composite Video input on the projector.

You could project your words and images and also play the DVD through your computer if you have Easy Worship software.

Example of simple two Computer & Multiple Video Source System

If you have a second computer you can connect it to the second computer input on the projector. You then switch between the two computers using the projector remote control.

If you have more than one Composite Video source, such as DVD, VCR, Camera etc. you can feed through a BT943 A/V Switch before going to the Projector.

Here is what those options would look like.

Adding a Second Projector


If you need to, you can take the projector's VGA Output and feed it into a second projector.


Example of a Larger High Resolution Projection System

This is an example of a more complex Projection System with multiple Projectors, Monitors and Input Sources. Here is how it works.

In this example, there are several types of video sources. One of course is the Computer which is VGA (actually XGA or higher). A Camera would output Composite Video as would a VCR. For the DVD player, you could use the Composite Video output or the S-Video output.

All of these video sources will connect to a VP-728 Switcher / Scaler. This device takes all sorts of Video inputs and converts them all to VGA (again XGA or higher). By pressing the appropriate button on the VP-728, you select the desired source. This unit allows you to select between multiple input sources and feed them to the projectors and monitors.

The VP-728 has two VGA outputs, but in our example, we need four, so we are taking the VP-728 output and feeding it through a VP-400 VGA Distribution Amplifier. The outputs from here are then sent to our two video projectors as well as the two LCD Platform Monitors.

Feeding Computer Video to Television Monitors

VP501XLSometimes you need to send computer video to Television Monitors. In order to do this you will need to convert it from VGA to Composite Video using a Scan Converter like the VP-501XL

Click here for more information on this.



Alectro Systems supplies everything you need to install a projection system. There are many other options which can be added such as video distribution to other rooms, platform video monitors etc. Please contact us if you need anything, or any help.

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