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Example of a Typical Video Projector Installation

Usually we install video projectors on the ceiling. Above is an example of a typical installation.

1) If you have a sloped ceiling, you will need a TVCCB-BK Cathedral Mount. This attaches to the ceiling at any angle, and allows the pipe to drop straight down.

2) You need to get a 1-1/2 inch plumbing pipe, threaded both ends. The length of the pipe needs to be calculated so that when installed, the projector lens is even with the top of the screen. If your projector has a lens shift option, the length is not as critical. If you want to paint the pipe, get black steel, not galvanized. Don't forget to clean the pipe with varsol before you paint it.

3) The projector will mount on an RPA ceiling mount assembly. This is available in a Universal version which fits virtually any projector.. The RPA series is very solid and adjusts in all angles.

4) Usually we wire from the sound booth to the projector for VGA computer input as well as Composite Video for VCR, DVD and Camera input. Sometimes we add a switch box to select between three or four video sources. Often we also run a second computer input from the platform area. Sometimes, if VGA wiring is too difficult, we use Baluns to feed the video via Cat-6 cable.

5) If there is a long distance, or there isn't line of sight, from the sound booth to the projector, we install an Infra Red extender. This allows you to use the projector remote control from the desired location.

6) Finally, you need to provide AC power for the projector and IR extender. This can be an AC outlet in the ceiling, or an extension cord. The AC source should be un-switched. You should always have power at the projector and control it with the remote control.

You can run all the cables through the inside of your hanging pipe. This makes for a tidy installation.

Alectro Systems supplies everything you need to install a projection system. There are many other options which can be added such as video distribution to other rooms, platform video monitors etc. Please contact us if you need anything, or any help.

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