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Example 3 - Multiple Remote Control Camera System

This example shows the addition of two more remote control cameras. Here we are controlling one camera from one Pan / Tilt / Zoom controller and the other two cameras from a second controller. We can actually connect up to 32 cameras to one controller. Because we are working with three cameras, we need to add Video Distribution Amplifiers and Monitors for each camera so that the operator can see and control the image from each camera. We also need a Video Mixer to mix the camera images and control the final image which is recorded and sent to the Remote TV Monitors.

For this example, here is the basic equipment you will need:

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3) Remote Control Camera Kit ( includes R/C PTZ camera, wall mount, control keyboard, power supply, Monitor and 150 foot video and power cables )

1) Video Mixer System ( includes LVS-400 A/V Mixer and Video Monitor )

1) DVD Recorder

1) Video Monitor for final mix

2) Remote TVs this Composite Video Inputs

You can contact us with your requirements, and we will quote you exactly what you need.



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