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Example 1 - Basic Fixed camera System

This example shows a very simple video system. One camera is aimed at the platform area. It can be equipped with a manual zoom lens allowing you to aim the camera at the desired location and zoom it in to the size you want. The camera picture can feed into a DVD Recorder for recording. The DVD Recorder can then connect to remote TV monitors in other locations in the building. If you want to feed both video and sound to the TVs, we can connect the output from your audio mixer into the DVD Recorder also. This will enable us to send sound and video into the TVs through channel 3.

Here's what you need for this basic system.

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1) Camera Kit ( includes camera, zoom lens, mount, power supply and 30 foot video cable )

1) DVD Recorder

1) Video Monitor with Video cable

Please contact us with your requirements, and we will quote you exactly what you need.


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