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Video Duplication

DVD Recording and Duplication

Now that DVD recorders and duplicators are readily available at a reasonable cost, they are a good choice for Video recording and duplicating.

You can also record directly on your computer. This is a good choice if you plan to edit the video or post it on your web site. You may need to add some hardware to your computer. There are several capture and editing programs available. Some are free of charge.

If you don't plan to edit the video, and if you want to make copies to hand out, the DVD recorder and Duplicator combination might be the best choice.

High Speed DVD Duplicators

High Speed DVD/CD Duplicator

Once you have your master DVD, you can make multiple copies using a DVD Duplicator.

The EZ Dupe offers several sizes of DVD duplicators from 1 at a time up to 10 at a time. It copies DVDs at 16x and CDs at 32x speed. Each drive can copy about 10 DVDs or 18 CDs per drive per hour. For example the 1 to 4 unit can make up to 72 CDs or 40 DVDs per hour.

The units are very simple to use and carry a 3 year warranty

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