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We need to feed computer video to a projector as well as TV monitors, how can we do this?

Computer Video Signal:

Computer video is not a composite video signal. In order to feed computer video to TV monitors or VCRs, you need to connect through a Scan Converter. These can cost several thousand dollars. Alectro Systems sells a very economical yet high quality unit (model VP-501XL). In a typical church video projection configuration, you connect from the computer to a VP-2xl or VP-400 distribution amplifier. Plug one output of the amplifier into the video projector and plug another output into the scan converter. The output from the scan converter is an RCA jack which connects to the Video Input on the TV monitor(s).

VP-501XL Scan converter

VP501XLThe VP-501XL Scan Converter converts Computer video into Composite video which is compatible with TVs, VCRs, video mixers, etc.

You need this to send computer images to TV monitors




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VP-200XLN VGA Distribution Amplifier With Gain

The VP-200XLN is a one in, two out Computer Video Distribution amplifier with gain. It can be used to send the computer video signal to two devices such as a computer monitor and video projector. Because it has adjustable gain, it can also boost the signal to compensate for long projector cable runs. The gain can also brighten a projector image if required.


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VP-400 4 way VGA Distribution Amplifier

VP-400The VP-400K is a one in, four out Computer Video Distribution amplifier. It will take the computer video and send it to up to four devices such as projectors, computer monitors and scan converters.

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If you are feeding composite video to several TV monitors, you will need to amplify the signal using a 105VB Composite Video amplifier. This will boost the signal strength to give a clear picture without snow.

DA-500A Composite Video Amplifier

DA500 Composite Video AmpThe DA-500A will amplify an RF Modulated Video signal to allow you to split it into several TVs.




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BT943 Audio / Video Switch


A composite video switch such as the BT943 can be added to the system to switch the TVs from compute to VCR, DVD or Camera video.



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