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How do we combine several different types of video sources into our projector and monitors?

Sometimes we need to combine several different types of video input sources into one output source. For example, we might have Composite video from a VCR, Component Video from a DVD player, XGA from one computer and DVI from a second computer. We might also have S-Video from Satellite receiver. All of these sources need to feed into a video projector and possibly video monitors.

VP728The way to accomplish this is by using a Switcher / Scaler such as the VP-728. It will switch both the video and audio at the same time.



P:rice and Data Sheet

.The Kramer VP-728 is a 9-input scaler/switcher for analog and digital video, unbalanced stereo, and S/PDIF audio signals. It scales any video signal composite, s-Video (Y/C), component video (YUV), HDMI, computer graphics video and JPEG files) up or down to a selectable graphics or HDTV output resolution via HDMI or 15-pin HD outputs. It provides glitch-free switching between sources through FTB™ (fade-thru-black) switching technology.



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