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We need to control our video projector from a location where the remote control doesn't work.

Infra Red Extender:

Sometimes when a video projector is installed on the ceiling, you can't control it with the remote control because it is either too far away and out of range, or you don't have line of sight between the remote control and the projector. In this case you can use an IR-EXTENDER wired, infra red control extender. An infra red emitter needs to be located near the projector and aimed at the projector's sensor. It gets wired to an infra red receiver which is located where you want to use the remote control. The connection between the two requires two conductor shielded cable (AC22G1PS).

Wired Infra Red Control Extender

Xantech 291-10 Installation

Price and Data Sheet

Installation Instructions

Projector Remote Control Extender
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