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We want to video record our services. How can we do this?


Tripods and Beyond:

Most people tend to use video cameras on tripod stands without looking into other possibilities partly because that is what they are used to seeing. This is fine when you need to be very mobile. However, in most church settings the cameras are more likely to remain in fixed locations around the room because the events that are being recorded most often generally remain in the same locations (ie: pulpit, choir section..). In these situations tripods can become a nuisance because they take up floor space in precarious places, are easily bumped and tripped over, and tend to become an eyesore for those seated around the cameras.

For fixed location situations there is a much better alternative to tripods. At Alectro Systems Inc. we recommend using wall/ceiling mount fixtures and viewing the output on monitors wired through a coaxial feed to the cameras. By using mounting fixtures, the cameras are less noticeable and not likely to be tripped over or bumped. A further benefit to mounted cameras is they can be placed virtually anywhere in the room and still remain inconspicuous, something tripods can not achieve.

Manual verses PTZ:

There are two types of cameras. Manual and Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ). Manual cameras require someone to aim and zoom the cameras themselves by hand. If you only want to record the same locations every time then manual cameras will serve your purpose well. When mounted, a coaxial line can be fed from each camera to monitors in a remote location.

Mounted Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras are used when you need to move the camera frequently while recording. This is a very useful feature because it can be done without you sitting right beside the cameras. Not only is this more convenient but it results in smoother camera moves. The only thing to get used to is the joystick.

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