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Our Pastor needs to control his computer power point presentation when speaking but our computer is at the back. What can we do?

The Handheld Remote Mouse:

In a very short time period projected computer presentations have become a more common and available tool to churches. During the singing part of worship the slide show presentation can usually be operated by the sound crew because songs can be followed quite easily. However, running the slide presentation for a speaker is more difficult to do and often results in awkward cues. It also puts limitations on speakers who may want to skip slides or move backward to another slide to emphasize points.

Our solution is the handheld remote mouse. It is small and light weight, but one of the best features is that it operates on Radio Frequency instead of Infra Red, thus it does not require "line of sight". You can even use it from inside your pocket if you wish.

To read more on the remote mouse:


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