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What is the difference between Easy Worship and Power Point?

The short answer is:

Easy Worship is designed specifically for displaying songs and Bible scriptures quickly and easily with a minimum amount of preparation. Due to its automation and simplicity, it doesn't take long to learn how to use it and put together songs and Bible verses with backgrounds.

Easy Worship also allows you to change the order of songs, scripture verses and backgrounds, as well as add new ones "on the fly" without interrupting the projection. Although you can't make Power Point presentations with Easy Worship, you can show them. They can easily be intermixed with the Easy Worship slide presentation.

Power Point is a more powerful presentation program in terms of what it is capable of doing. You can put together songs and Scripture verses with backgrounds, but it takes longer and requires more skill than Easy Worship. Power Point will do almost everything that Easy Worship does, but it takes more time and effort.

Power Point is capable of doing things such as complete text formatting, picture and graphic insertion, sound insertion, text and graphic animation, etc. Easy Worship is much more limited and cannot do many things which Power Point can. On the other hand, you can't add songs or Scripture verses without interrupting the projection.

Here is a more detailed answer:

For this discussion, we will take you through the entire process of creating a basic presentation from scratch using both Easy Worship and Power Point. Although we don't explain how to do all the steps, we do tell you what is involved.

1) Creating your song database:

Easy Worship:

The program comes with about 100 public domain songs in its data base. In my opinion, they serve more as an example, and you are not likely to use many of them.

Songs can very easily be added simply with "copy and paste" from any existing file on your computer. They can be typed right into Easy Worship, or they can be imported directly from "Song Select".

"Song Select" is an Internet service provided by CCLI which gives you access to thousands of songs for a small annual subscription fee.

When you import or copy and paste the song, Easy Worship will automatically separate the verses into separate slides. You can edit the text if necessary in Easy Worship to arrange the song as you wish.

Once you are happy with the song, you select a desired background from a photo and video clip library and apply it, then save the song in the Easy Worship database.

With Easy Worship, you don't need to do any formatting of the text, Easy Worship does it automatically for you. This saves some time and learning.

This entire process of creating one song can take about 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on where you are getting the words from, and how much editing you need to do. Obviously if you need to type it in, it may take longer depending on how fast you type.

Power Point:

Power Point doesn't come with any songs. You need to do everything from scratch.

You can copy and paste songs into Power Point slides, but unlike Easy Worship, you need to create the song one verse (or slide) at a time. You also need to format the text as you go. This means selecting the appropriate font, colour, size, and position on the slide. By using an existing song as a template, you can do this more quickly than making each song from scratch, but even so, it takes longer than Easy Worship.

Now you want to apply a background. This can be a choice of colours and textures which come with Power Point, or pictures which you add. Lets assume you want to use a picture. First you need to pick one from a file on your computer, from the Internet, or scan a photograph. Using the Insert function, you insert it into you first slide, adjust the size and crop it to fill the slide then move it to the back. Now you can copy this final version and paste it into the following slides, moving it to the back each time. Depending on the colours and dankness of the picture, you might need to change the text colour, position and size to suit.

After you have the song looking the way you want it, you save it in a folder on your computer.

Once you are proficient with Power Point, and assuming you are copying and pasting the words, and have the photo already on your computer this entire process can take about 10 - 15 minutes per song. It also requires more computer skills.

2) Creating Announcements and Sermon Notes:

Power Point:

Here is where Power Point really shines. You can type anything you want, format it any way you want, add backgrounds, insert pictures and graphics, draw pictures and animate text and images to fade, fly or do just about anything you would like them to do. Power Point is designed to be a full blown video presentation program and it does the job well. It does take quite a while to learn how to use it though.

Easy Worship:

Easy Worship is a song and Scripture program and is much more limited when it comes to custom creations. All you can really do is enter text and a background just like you would a song.

3) Putting together your Worship Presentation:

Once the songs you require have been created, you now need to arrange them in the order you want them for the service. You might also want to add Scripture verses. Here are the steps involved.

Easy Worship:

In the Schedule portion of the Easy Worship screen click the "songs" tab and select the songs you want from the database list by clicking on the title then the add button. As you do this the songs will appear in your schedule in the order you selected them. You can easily change the order simply by selecting the song title and using up and down buttons to move it.

If you want to add Bible verses, click the Scriptures tab, select the Translation version you want, then type in the passage. Now you simply click on the verse(s) you want and they will move into the schedule.

You can even add Power Point presentations to the schedule. They will run at the proper time during the presentation, just like the songs and Bible verses.

Transitions between slides and between songs are preprogrammed, but can easily be changed for the entire presentation. They cannot however be changed on a per song basis.

Once you are finished, save the schedule and you are ready for your worship service.

To put together an entire service with about 6 - 10 songs and Bible verses can take about 1 - 3 minutes

Power Point:

Open the Power Point program and either select an existing service to edit, or start with a blank presentation. Go to the "Slide Sorter View" and click "Insert Slides From File". Now you need to Browse and select each song you want. Insert each song in the order you want them. To rearrange the order, cut the appropriate slides then paste them where you want them.

If you want to add Bible verses, you will need to type the words, or cut and paste then into a new slide. This is exactly the same process you used to create a song.

You can program transitions between slides on a per slide basis, or the same for all slides.

Once you have the service the way you want it, save the file.

Once you are proficient with Power Point, putting together an entire service with 6 - 10 songs and no scriptures can take about 10 - 15 minutes. If you add Scripture verses, this will likely add about 5 - 10 minutes.

4) Projecting the Worship Service:

Assuming you are projecting the slides in the order you created them, with no additions or changes, there is not much difference between Easy Worship and Power Point. If you want to add songs or Bible verses, or rearrange the order during the service however, Easy Worship has some major advantages.

a) Changing the order of the Songs or Bible verses:
Easy Worship:

With Easy Worship, you simply move the song or verse in the schedule portion of the screen. There is no need to interrupt what is projected on the screen.

Power Point:

With Power Point you have two options. You can either stop the show and using the "Slide Sorter View" cut and paste. Otherwise, if you are using the Presenter View option, you can click on the appropriate slide to make it appear next on the screen. This second option does not require you to interrupt the projection.

b) Adding a Song or Bible Verse:
Easy Worship:

n Easy Worship, use the schedule portion of the screen to select the song or verse from your database and add it to the schedule. This way you can either schedule it to appear or make it appear immediately without interrupting the projection.

Power Point:

Power Point is much less friendly. You need to stop the projection and use the Insert function to add a new song to the presentation. Then you start the projection again. If you want a bible verse, you need to type it into a new slide as described above.

c) Changing Backgrounds and Video clips on slides:
Easy Worship:

With Easy Worship you added Background pictures and possibly video clips to your songs as you created them. With Power Point, you couldn't add video but you did add background pictures or patterns.

With Easy Worship, if you want to change a background or video for your song or Scripture verse, you simply select a new background or video from a graphic menu in the Preview portion of the screen. Once you select the one you want, it will be applied to the current slide in the preview screen and automatically format the words to suit the background. When you click the "Go Live" button, this song (next in the cue) will appear on the screen with the new background. This process is very quick and does not interrupt the projection.

Power Point:

With Power Point, you really can't change the background during the service. You would need to exit the presentation, and edit each slide by deleting the picture and inserting and editing a new one. Then you would need to start the projection again. This is very time consuming and could only be done if you have several minutes where you could stop the projection.

With Easy Worship you can pop up songs and Bible verses very quickly as they are needed. With Power Point, you can't.



So how do you decide which program you need?

Well, if you are only projecting songs and Scripture verses, Easy Worship is probably your best choice. It is fast, easy and probably provides all the flexibility you need. It also has a great advantage if you need to change anything "on the fly".

If you are only projecting announcements and sermon notes, you really should use Power Point. With Power Point you can put together anything you want, animate it any way you want, and probably put it together faster than you could with Easy Worship.

If you plan to do both, as most Churches do, you should really have both programs. Use Power Point for all your announcements and sermon notes and use Easy Worship for songs. Bible verses and projection.

The bottom line is, Power Point and Easy Worship are designed for two different purposes. They have very different capabilities and compliment each other very well. Together, they will do a great job.
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