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Church Sound and Video Advice - Audio Tips

  1. Acoustic Guitar - When we connect an Acoustic Guitar to the mixer, it sounds "thin" and "tinny".

  2. AC Hum - We are picking up AC Hum on our sound or Recording System - How can we fix it?

  3. Feedback - We seem to always be getting feedback in our church sound system, how can we eliminate this?

  4. Radio Interference - We are picking up a radio station on our sound system. It seems to be worse at night. Can I get rid of it somehow?

  5. Cheap Wireless Mic - I can buy a wireless mic at my local music store for about $600. This should be good enough for our church shouldn't it?

  6. Central Cluster vs Side Mount - Should we have a centre mounted speaker cluster for our room or a side mounted speaker system?

  7. Cheap Wired Microphone - What is the difference between a $100 microphone and a $300 microphone?

  8. Connecting Speakers through Snake - Can I connect speakers to my amplifier through a snake?

  9. Monitor Speaker Problem - We are having trouble with our monitor speakers, what can we do to fix this?

  10. What's all this about High and Low impedance, Balanced and Unbalanced, Mic and Line level?

  11. Connect Musical Instruments - We need to connect musical instruments to our sound system, how should we do this?

  12. Computer Audio - How should we connect the sound from our computer to our mixer?

  13. Record Volume - I can't get enough volume from our mixer to the tape or CD recorder, how can I fix this?

  14. Training - We think our sound system is OK, but we don't know how to use it properly.

  15. Power Amplifier - How do I choose the right power amplifier for our sound system?

  16. What do typical Church Sound Systems include?

  17. Sound Distribution - How do we feed sound into other parts of our building?

  18. 70 Volt System - Why do we need a 70 volt sound distribution system, and how do we install it?

  19. Sound Distribution - How do we feed sound into a room which already has its own PA system?

  20. Hearing Assistance - Some people in our congregation have hearing problems, how can we help them?

  21. Hearing Assistance - What are the different types of hearing assistance systems, and what is best for our Church?

  22. Microphone Choice - How do we determine what microphones are best for our Church applications?

  23. Mixer Choice - How do we determine the best mixer for our application?

  24. Monitor Choice - We need a monitor system for our worship team - what type should we choose?

  25. Monitor Problems - We are having trouble with our monitor speakers, how can we use them effectively?

  26. Monitor Types - What are "Full Range" Monitors, and what are their pros and cons?

  27. Monitor Types - What are "Reference Monitors" and what are their pros and cons?

  28. Monitor Types - Are "In-Ear" Monitors a serious consideration for our Church?

  29. Mixer Choice - Should we purchase a Powered Mixer or separate components for our Church?

  30. Recording - We want to record our services - should we use Cassette Tape, CD or Flash Media?

  31. Recording - We want to record CDs of our service - can I use a Computer or Consumer Recorder?

  32. Speaker Choice - What do I need to know about selecting main speakers?

  33. Head Microphones - I am considering a head microphone to get the best sound quality without feedback, but our Pastor doesn't want to look like a Rock Star.

  34. Head Microphones - With so many small Head Microphones available, how do we choose the best one?

  35. Microphone Range - Our microphones only pick up within 2 - 3 inches, are there microphones with a better range?

  36. Cabinets - We would like to locate our sound system in the seating area. How do we make it look nice and keep it locked up?

  37. Mixing - We can't seem to get a good mix for our worship team, we can't distinguish between the instruments.


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