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What is the difference between a $100 microphone and a $300 microphone?

The "Bargain" Myth:

No Microphone is created equal to another and no one microphone can fulfill every one of your needs. The fact is that there are many different microphone designs for many different applications. There are also many different qualities within each of those applications. Some microphones are very poor quality some are excellent and usually when you buy a microphone you are paying for the quality rather than the name. There are no "bargains", you almost always get what you pay for.

Different Microphones for Different Applications:

Some microphones are designed for speech applications at various distances such as gooseneck microphones for pulpits.  Some are designed for close use by vocalists within 3 inches.  Some are designed for close as well as distant use while still providing excellent frequency response and sound quality.  Others are designed for choir pickup or instrument use.

Choosing the Right Microphone:

In all cases you must carefully select the right microphone to make the most of your church sound system. You can't expect a close vocal microphone to work on a pulpit. You also need to consider the quality of the microphone. A cheap microphone generally has "thinner" sound, more handling noise, short pickup range, and is more prone to feedback.

This doesn't mean that you need to spend a fortune on microphones.  You just need to be careful that you match it to your application and buy one that you know is good.  We have improved many church sound systems significantly simply by replacing a poor quality gooseneck pulpit microphone with a good one. Sometimes the two microphones are almost the same price. The replacement one is just a better microphone.

Alectro Systems handles many different manufacturers of professional microphones. We carefully compare them with each other to select the best in terms of cost and performance.  Most microphones we sell to churches range from about $ 160 to $ 380.  They are all excellent for their applications.

Please refer to our Microphones section for further information.


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