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Our Web Site contains information on most of our favorite products. If you don't see what you are looking for check out the links below. This is a list of some of the major manufacturers we sell.

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Intercom Systems

Alectro Systems Inc.


Personal Monitor Systems

A/V Switches and Interfaces

Mixer / Amplifiers

Video Mounts etc.

A/V Stands and Mounts

Video Amplifiers, Modulators and Interfaces

Projector Mounts

Gooseneck and Head Microphones



Audio Amplifiers

Audio Amplifiers

Projection Screens

FM Transmitters

CD & Tape Recorders & Players

Audio Signal Processing

High Quality Audio Cables

Audio Signal Processing

Audio Signal Processing

Song & Scripture Projection Software

Speakers, Microphones, Electronics

Distribution Speaker components

EZ Dupe High Speed CD Duplicators

Fabricmate Systems

Acoustic Wall Treatment

Recording and Studio Equioment

AC conditioning and Audio Signal Processing

Monitor Speakers, In Ear Monitors, Sound Meters, Portable PA

Speaker, Mic and Music Stands

Video Problem Solvers

Lighting Dimmers and Controls


Audio Signal Processing

Hearing Assistance Systems

Gooseneck Lamps


CD & Tape Recorders and Players

Equipment Racks and Accessories

Video Equipment

Audio Connectors

Security Systems

Remote Control Camera Systems

Audio Signal Processing and Audio Computer Interfaces


Audio Problem Solvers

Multimedia Projectors

Microphones, In-Ear monitors, Audio Electronics

Audio Mixers

Audio Signal Processors

CD Duplicators, Microphones

Infra Red Extenders


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