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The best way to achieve even, controlled platform lighting is with professional, theatre style spotlights like the Ellipsoidal series from NSI. A great choice is the Ellipsoidal 30 which can be set to either 20 , 30 or 40 degrees. Although it will handle lamps up to 1000 watts, we usually use an EHG lamp with is 750 watts high intensity.

There is also an Ellipsoidal-Zoom version which has a continuously adjustable beam angle from 15 through 35 degrees.

These lamps can be set for hard or soft focus. They come with four shutters which are used to square the edges as well as a gel frame and c-clamp to mount it on a standard lighting bar.


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PAR Fixture

The 575W PAR Lighting Fixture is an excellent choice for most church platform lighting applications. When properly installed, these lights will evenly cover the area while keeping the light off the projection screen.

These units come with several lenses allowing you to easily select four different light dispersion angles.



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