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Adding Special Lighting to your basic system

Once you have the basic lighting system in place, you might want to add special lighting features such as:

- Spotlights or Pin Spots to highlight certain areas
- Colour gels or colour lights
- Followspots
- Pattern spots to project patterns and images
- Moving Head Spots
- Effects such as strobes, black light, effects projector etc.

Any of these (except follow spots which are stand alone) can be added to your light bars and controlled by your dimmer system. Below are some examples of what you might want to do.

For more information on these and other options, please contact us.


Spotlights and Pin Spots

To light, or highlight specific people or areas, we generally use one or two Ellipsoidal Zoom Spotlights. They will give you a round or rectangular beam of light with adjustable size. A selection of light fixtures is available with various zoom capability. The beam diameter can be made even smaller by adding circle patterns or irises.

Colour Gels or Colour Lights

Although they are rather expensive, LED Light Fixtures with full colour capability are available. Gels are a much more economical solution. Almost all theatre lighting fixtures come with gel holders. Gels are available in hundreds of different colours. They can be used for effects such as blue for night scenes. They can also be used to add depth to the people. For example, you can use a straw colour on the lights coming from one side, and a complementary pale pink from the other side. Because the colours are subtle, they don't really appear as a colour change, but they do add depth to what you see.


If you are presenting a play or concert, and you want to highlight someone who is moving around, you need to add a followspot. This is a "stand alone" unit located at the back of the room and controlled manually by an operator. They are available is several sizes, zoom ranges, and with or without colour changers.





Pattern Spots

Most Ellipsoidal Spot Lights have slots to hold patterns. These are glass or metal plates with patterns in them.

Thousands of different patterns are available from trees and clouds to rain forests, fire,and images of animals and objects.



Moving Head Spot Lights

In most concert and theatre productions, you will see several Moving Head (motorized) spot lights. These are mounted on the light bars and controlled by the lighting control console. They can be programmed for pre-determined positioning or controlled manually.

There are various different qualities of Moving Head spot lights with varying degrees of noise levels and features. Although they are much more expensive that conventional ellipsoidal fixtures, they do occasionally have their useful place in Church applications depending on what you want to achieve and how much money you have in your budget.




Other Effects

Other effects you can add are almost limitless. If you can think of one, you can probably do it. For example, you can simulate a rainforest, lightning, rain, snow, night sky, fog, smoke, and many many more all with lighting.




For more information on Effects and general lighting, please contact Alectro Systems.





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