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Remote Control Lighting System

Often the light switches are in a location, or possibly several locations which are not convenient. It would be better to have control of all the lights at another location, usually the sound system cabinet. An obvious solution would be to rewire the switches to the new location. This requires a significant amount of materials and labour. It may even be very difficult to get the wiring where you want it due to the building construction. Also, if you take this approach, you will need to wire the switches for 3-way control or lose the ability to control them from the original location.

A better solution is to use the X-10 PRO wireless lighting control system. All you need to do is replace each light switch with a XPS3-IW remote control switch (or XPD3-IW dimmer), and plug a transmitter into any wall outlet nearby. A hand held remote control will operate up to 16 light switches or dimmers from anywhere in the room. Because the remote control operates on Radio Frequency instead of Infra Red, it is not line of sight. This means that the remote control can operate from any orientation, any location.

In some installations you might require an XPCP coupler or XPCR coupler repeater. These devices are installed on the circuit breaker panel to couple the control signal into both phases of the AC electrical system. The XPCP is suitable for smaller buildings but the XPCR may be needed for larger buildings where the wire runs are long enough to require boosting of the signal.

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