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Too often churches try to use architectural or consumer dimmers to control their lighting. This presents several problems. The dimmers produce a buzz in the sound system, they don't turn on with a smooth start, and you have several dials to adjust independently. A much better solution is to use a proper theatre lighting dimmer system such as the Leprecon series of dimmers and controls which we sell. This gives you a properly filtered and trimmed system with a control desk which operates in full manual or programmed modes. It solves all the problems associated with the architectural and consumer dimmers.

This lighting system is available in many different configurations. Every system requires a control desk such as the LP612MPXDA or LP624MPXDA and the appropriate number of dimmers. ULD-360-HP dimmer packs are located near the lights. The lights plug directly into the dimmer pack and a control cable connects the dimmer packs to the control desk. The ULD-360-HP has six dimmer channels and can handle up to 4.8 kW total on all six channel combined. It needs to plug into two 20 amp AC outlets.

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Another dimmer option is to install a dimmer pack such as the MX2400TLX or DS1224E in a remote location such as the electrical room. The lights are wired to the dimmer pack which is connected to the control desk using a small signal cable. The DS1224E is a rack mount 12 channel dimmer pack which handle up to 28.8Kw total on all 12 channels combined.

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