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General Information About Our Custom Cabinets

When Alectro Systems upgrades a church sound system, we often supply a cabinet to house the electronics. Each cabinet is custom designed and finished to meet the equipment and operator requirements and blend in with the existing decor.

While we have a number of standard designs, each cabinet is carefully tailored for one particular location and for specific audio equipment. You will have a choice of type of wood, colour and finish, as well as a number of options. All details are settled before a decision is made.

Some commonly asked questions are listed below.

What species of wood is used?

The species of wood is usually selected to match the pews and other church furnishings. Oak is the most frequently used species, but cherry, pine, maple, mahogany, or other woods can be used.

Am I limited to a standard design?

No. While each cabinet shares some features, each order is treated individually. In fact they are all custom built for each installation.

But we have a very restricted space available for a cabinet!

Many of our cabinets have been tailored to suit a specific space. Where a conventional size cabinet is unsuitable, Alectro Systems will send a cabinetmaker to meet with you and take dimensions of the space available. From this information, a new design will be generated and a drawing sent to you for approval.

Will changes to the pews be required?

Not necessarily. In several cases, we have built a cabinet that hangs over the back of a pew, thereby eliminating any changes to the pews.

What equipment goes inside the cabinet?

This depends entirely on what your church needs. Usually there is a mixer, a tape deck, and possibly a CD player. Some churches also have wireless microphone receivers and hearing assistance transmitters. Others have computers and lighting controls. All of this can be put inside a cabinet.

How about security?

We fit locks to deter all but the most determined thieves. As a convenience, these locks can all be opened with one key.

We may need a light.

In a darkened sanctuary, the operator frequently needs a light to clearly see the controls. We fit a halogen light bar which is only 5/8 inch square, yet gives soft diffused light along the full length of the cabinet. This is adequate for good viewing, yet does not distract worshipers.

But one of our congregation members does woodwork.

You may save a little by asking them to build a cabinet, but there are many advantages to having Alectro Systems do it. Some of the advantages are as follows:

- One source responsibility for everything
- Experience obtained from building many cabinets for churches
- Assurance that the equipment will fit properly
- Appearance to match and enhance the sanctuary
- Reliable delivery dates

Is there a choice of finishes?

Yes. There are many finishes available, and you will be shown a selection of these. From the samples, you can select the shade that best matches the surroundings. In addition to a wide choice of shades (colours), you can also select the degree of gloss that looks best. Sometimes a low-lustre finish is appropriate, other times, a medium or high gloss finish is called for.

But suppose I wanted a painted finish?

No problem. White is a fairly common painted finish, but any colour can be supplied. If you wish, all surfaces could be melamine, thereby adding a scratch resistant surface that can be wiped clean even after considerable abuse.

How about installation?

Alectro Systems will install your cabinet, usually at the same time as the audio system is being installed.

I hate messy wiring!

So do we! All wiring will be neatly bundled, and routed behind panels if possible. Access for replacement of wires and routine maintenance will be provided where required. Where wires pass through a panel, a plastic grommet prevents chafing of the insulation, and provides a neat appearance. If the equipment generates sufficient heat, a fan and/or vents can be provided. This however is seldom necessary.

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