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Wireless Microphones

Wireless Microphone Systems

Important Advisory Concerning Wireless Microphones

Learn about the impact of the upcoming frequency de-regulation in Canada.

What to look for in Wireless Microphones

You need to be very careful when selecting a wireless microphone system for a Church. Find out what to watch out for.

Wireless Lapel Microphone Systems

Find out what Alectro Systems uses for Churches

Wireless Head Microphone Systems

Due to the development of new tiny inconspicuous head microphones, this technology is becoming very popular with pastors.

Compare Pros and Cons of various Head Microphones

Wireless Hand Held Microphone Systems

We have Great Wireless Hand Held wireless microphone systems which are perfect for Church applications.

Programming the WMS400/450 Wireless System

Here are instructions for programming the AKG WMS400 and WMS450 wireless system.

Sound Tips on Wireless Microphones

I can buy a wireless microphone at my local music store for about $600. This should be good enough for our church shouldn't it?

I am considering a head microphone to get the best sound quality without feedback but our Pastor does not want to look like a Rock Star.

Wireless Microphone Systems In Our Store

All Wireless Microphone Products


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