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Wireless Lapel Microphone Systems

Telex FMR-500 / ELM-22 Lapel System

The Telex FMR500L , using the ELM-22 tiny lapel microphone, has the same great features as the WMS450 plus it adds Tone Code Squelch. Although even without it, the high quality UHF wireless systems like the WMS450 are very unlikely to pick up noise interference when the transmitter is turned off, this feature makes it virtually impossible to do so. This is because, in addition to the normal squelch which rejects signals below a certain level, the Tone Code Squelch actually looks for an ultrasonic tone from its transmitter before it unlocks (turns on).

The system is also packaged as an FMR500E with the RE97 head microphone.

Any lapel or head microphone can be wired to work with the FMR500 System.




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