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Wireless Head Microphones

Although Lapel microphones provide freedom of movement, a Head microphone is really the best choice. There are some excellent ones like the Alectro Systems HM-1. Many are available in beige or black and are extremely small and light weight.

A good Head microphone can provide very natural, high quality sound. The volume and tone never change because the microphone is always in the same position relative to your mouth. You can get plenty of Gain before Feedback because it is close to your mouth and it is so small and inconspicuous that you and everyone else will probably forget it is even there.

All of these Head Microphones can be wired to work with any belt pack transmitter.
We recommend the Telex FMR500WT-A system

Alectro Systems HM-1


A great sounding Head Microphone which is even smaller is the Alectro Systems HM-1. This comes in beige colour and can be wired for any wireless system.

The HM-1 is one of the smallest microphones available, making it almost invisible. It sounds great and the unique soft ear-mould structure makes it the most stable of all the single ear head microphones.

Another unique feature is the replaceable wire and interchangeable connectors. Connectors are available for most popular belt pack transmitters including Telex, AKG, Shure, Audio-Technica and many others.


Price and Data Sheet

Clock Audio CMH-2000

The CMH2000 is an amazing ultra-light head-worn condenser microphone that can be used with any wireless system. It is a small, inconspicuous, comfortable head microphone and is available in Tan or Black.

The CMH2000 provides very natural sound with no feedback problems. Because it is always close to your mouth, and never changes its position regardless of where you turn, the sound is consistent. Lapel microphones give a more "muddy" sound and provide much less gain before feedback. This may not be the fault of the microphone, but simply the fact that it is located on your chest. The head microphone completely eliminates these problems.




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Electro-Voice RE-97

Another good single ear Head Microphone is the Electro-Voice RE97. It is just a little larger than the DA-Cappo, comes in the same colours, sounds good but is considerably less expensive. It is also available in a dual ear version as the RE97-2

If you are looking for a decent quality head microphone for speech at a lower cost, the RE-97 is certainly a consideration.


Price and Data Sheet

There are many lower cost head microphones available such as the C555L, however the CMH2000, DA12BE and RE97 are by far the most popular for Churches because they are the most comfortable and least conspicuous.

Complete Head Mic Systems

We keep up with the industry, looking at specifications and trying new equipment. The leader of the pack right now seems to be the Telex FMR500 system. It provides great professional performance at a very reasonable price.

Although we can combine any microphone with any wireless system, here are a few of popular combinations.

Telex FMR-500WT-A Belt Pack & Receiver

FMR500WTTelex was one of the first wireless microphone manufacturers and remains a leader of the pack. The Telex FMR-500WT-A Wireless Microphone System is a reasonably priced, reliable, state of the art belt pack and receiver combination which will work with any lapel or head mic. You can even use it with an electric guitar.

The system operates in the 650-680 MHz band and provides 1200 channels with auto scanning and programming. You can use up to 12 systems in one location. The receiver scans for free channels in your room and programs itself based on it's findings. Then you simply set the belt pack to the channel it chooses.

In addition to this scan function and excellent squelch, the system also has "Tone Code Squelch". All of this provides you with the most interference free system available.

Below are some complete system examples.

Telex FMR-500 / Alectro Systems HM-1 System

Da-CapoFMR500WTThe FMR-500WT-A combined with the Alectro Systems HM-1 provides you with an excellent system for speech and vocal. For this complete system, you need to order the following items:

1) FMR-500WT-A - Belt Pack & Receiver

1) HM-1 - Head Mic (order version with HMAD-EV Connector)

1) CADXMXF-06 - Cable to connect the Receiver to your Mixer


Telex FMR-500 / RE-97 System



The Telex FMR500E is a packaged system which includes the Transmitter, Receiver and the RE97 Singel Ear Head Microphone. All you need to add is the CADXMXF-06 Cable to connect the Receiver to your Mixer



Compare the Pros and Cons of the most popular Head Microphones


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