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Wireless Hand Held Systems

We keep up with the industry, looking at specifications and trying new equipment. The leader of the pack right now seems to be the Telex FMR500 systems. They provide great professional performance at a very reasonable price.

Telex FMR-500

Telex was one of the first wireless microphone manufacturers and remains a leader of the pack. The Telex FMR-500 Wireless Microphone System is a reasonably priced, reliable, state of the art system which is available in Hand Held and Belt Pack configurations.

The system operates in the 650-680 MHz band and provides 1200 channels with auto scanning and programming. You can use up to 12 systems in one location. The receiver scans for free channels in your room and programs itself based on it's findings. Then you simply set the transmitter to the channel it chooses.

In addition to the receiver's normal squelch which rejects signals below a certain level, it has a Tone Code Squelch which actually looks for an ultrasonic tone from its transmitter before it unlocks (turns on). All of this provides you with the most interference free system available.

The FMR500 is available with a RE410 condenser head or a ND767a dynamic head. Although the ND767 is a good dynamic "close-up" vocal head, the RE410 condenser provides a better pick up range and lower proximity effect. This makes the RE410 more forgiving and sound better in most applications.

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