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At Alectro Systems, we carefully compare professional sound reinforcement speakers in actual church environments.  By comparing one speaker against another, side by side, we can keep up to date in terms of price and performance.  This way we are sure that we are installing the best for each application.

These are some Professional Speakers which we often use in Church installations

Electro-Voice EVF-1122GL2200424

The Electro-Voice EVF-1122 speakers are theatre quality professional sound reinforcement units with a power rating of 500 watts continuous and frequency response of 49 Hz to 19 kHz  They give accurate reproduction of speech as well as live vocal and musical instruments.  These speakers have controlled dispersion angles of 60 degrees vertical and 120 degrees horizontally.  They project the sound evenly throughout the seating area and not into the ceiling where most  These speakers are available in White or Black.

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