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GL2200424Fill in speakers are used to feed sound into under balcony and sometimes above balcony areas. They are also used as wall mounted choir monitors and foyer speakers. Because they are not covering a large area, they can be "near-field" speakers which are meant for a small room. Because they are used for live sound however, they need to be able to handle the dynamics and frequency response of live music.

We have not found very many speakers which meet our expectations. One which does a very good job though is the Electro-Voice S40.


The Electro-Voice S40 is a small two-way system with a wide frequency response and high power handling capabilities.  The S40 is a good choice for monitoring and small room sound reinforcement providing great music and speech reproduction, for their size.  The unit is available in white or black.  An optional S40MB mounting bracket is also available.  We use S40s often for under balcony fill-in, and platform or choir monitors.


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