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Solid State Recording

Professional Solid State Recorders:

In many cases a Professional CD Recorder is the best choice for a Church. This is especially true of you are producing CD copies to give to members. If however you need more than 80 minutes recording time, you are editing the program on a computer before burning CDs, or you are posting the audio on a web site, you might want to consider using a Solid State Recorder.

Denon DN-F450R Professional Solid State Recorder

Marantz CDR510The DN-F450R is a professional Solid State Recorder which records your audio in stereo onto a Secure Digital (SD) Card. The recording time is determined by the size of the Card you use. You can record several hours of high resolution audio on one card. The data can then be transferred to your computer either through the USB port on the PMD560, or by removing the SD, and inserting it into the Computer.

The DN-F450R records in either MP3 or WAV format and can create up to 99 Virtual tracks. It has Line In and Out jacks as well as a Headphone jack. Sampling frequency is selectable between 44.1 KHz (CD format) or 48KHz (DAT format)

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Marantz PMD620 Portable Solid State Recorder

The PMD620 is a compact, economical version of the above. Although it doesn't have all the features of the PMD 560, in most cases it will still accomplish the same results. Click the link below to get the details.


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Consistent Recording Volume

Sometimes it can be difficult to get enough volume from your mixer to your recorder. Even if you can, the level is often inconsistent, becoming too quiet at times and too loud at other times.

The solution to both these problems is the SL33 Stereo Line Level Limiter. This device connects between your mixer and recorder to boost the level, if needed and also compress the signal to help you maintain consistent levels automatically.


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