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Recording & Duplication

Recording and Duplicating

CD Recording

Learn about the differences between professional CD Recorders and the store bought consumer decks. Make sure that your church has the right one for it's CD recording ministry

CD Duplication

New CD duplication systems quite economical, quick and easy to use.

Learn about the "Great CD-R Media Mystery"

Solid State Recording

Record directly in MP3 or WAV format onto a Compact Flask Card.

Cassette Recording

Learn about the difference between professional tape recording decks and consumer level decks (if you can still find one). Which is the best solution for your church sound system?

Cassette Duplication

Forget it - they don't exist any longer. CDs have completely taken over.

Sound Tips On Recording

I can't get enough volume from our mixer to the tape recorder, how can I fix this?

We want to record our services - should we use Cassette Tape or CD?

We want to record CDs of our service - can we use a Computer or a Consumer Recorder?

Recording Products In Our Store

CD, DVD, and Digital Recorders, Duplicators and Media

Cassette Tape Recorders




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