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CD Recording

Professional CD Recorders:

Although there may still be a few consumer CD recorders coming on the market, they are a poor choice for Churches. Because of concerns over copyright, these consumer machines have several drawbacks. The have copy protection which doesn't allow you to make a second generation copy. They also only record on special CDs which are more expensive than the regular ones. Professional CD recorders are not only higher quality and offer more features, but the also do not have these limitations.

Marantz CDR633 Professional Single Bay CD Recorder

If you plan to record live to CD without further editing, and if you want to produce duplicate CDs from the master, a CD recorder is probably your best choice.

The Marantz CDR633 is a professional single bay CD recorder. It will record and play CDs, but since it only holds one CD, it can not do both at the same time. It can also not make copies.

If you plan to further edit your recording on a computer, or post your audio on a web site, you should consider a Solid State Recorder instead.

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Recording Media

Alectro Systems has great prices on CDR and DVDR Media. The RiData CDRs have White Ink Jet Printable surfaces. They are sold in packs of 50.

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Consistent Recording Volume

Sometimes it can be difficult to get enough volume from your mixer to your recorder. Even if you can, the level is often inconsistent, becoming too quiet at times and too loud at other times.

The solution to both these problems is the SL33 Stereo Line Level Limiter. This device connects between your mixer and recorder to boost the level, if needed and also compress the signal to help you maintain consistent levels automatically.


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