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CD Duplication

New CD duplication systems are now entering the media market at a reasonable price and due to the digital technology, CD duplication is far more time efficient. With the high quality, low cost performance they offer, this is becoming increasingly more advantageous for churches and organizations involved with duplication to move from cassette to CD duplication. There are various system configurations now available such as rack-mountable, tower, and robotics. Some are as follows.

CD Recording and Duplicating Advantages:

Although tape cassette recording is a popular and a relatively effective method of recording, CD recording is a more desirable method. It is evident that the CD media is increasing in popularity and for legitimate reasons. CDs do not deteriorate nearly as quickly as cassettes do and they are easier to work with when cueing. Also, the quality of sound on CDs is far superior to that of cassettes, especially when considering music. Because CDs are digital recordings. They have no background hiss and the sound is more accurate, indistinguishable from the original audio input. Another advantage of CD recorders and duplicators is that they can be easily recorded in stereo due to the fact that they are simply recording data. The benefit of stereo mixing is that it is more accurate in sound compared to that of a live setting. An interesting fact is that a stereo tape duplicator is more expensive than a stereo CD duplicator and blank CDs are also becoming less expensive than blank cassettes. As CD recorders are becoming more cost efficient they are also more time efficient. A CD can be duplicated at 40x speed easily while still maintaining 100% of the original high quality sound. This works out to be about 2 minutes for one full CD. If a cassette is duplicated at a high speed the sound quality is significantly lowered and it takes about twice as long to copy.

High Speed CD Duplicators

Tower CD & DVD Duplicators 1 to 1 through 1 to 11

We sell a very wide range of High Speed CD and DVD duplicators ranging from 1 to 1 through 1 to 9. The CD duplicators will copy at 52x speed while the DVD duplicators will copy CDs at 32x and DVDs at 16x speed.


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Recording Media

Alectro Systems has great prices on CDR and DVDR Media. The RiData CDRs have White Ink Jet Printable surfaces. They are sold in packs of 50.






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