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Intro To Powered Mixers

The Portability:

A possible option, especially for portable applications, is to use a powered mixer instead of separate electronic units. Powered mixers combine a mixer, equalizer and amplifier all into one unit. They are usually Stereo with two equalizers and two amplifiers. This allows them to operate in Stereo mode with no monitor speakers, or in Mono mode with monitor speakers. Several powered mixers are available in the 8 to 10 channel range.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The advantage of a Powered Mixer for portable applications is that since all three components are included, there is only one box to carry instead of three. There is also less set up required, since you don't need to interconnect the components.

There are however disadvantages to Powered Mixers in permanent installations:

  1. A good Powered Mixer often costs as much or more than it's separate component counterpart.
  2. If one part of the Powered Mixer fails, you need to replace the entire unit in order to get your sound system up and running.
  3. Since the equalizer is always exposed, it is susceptible to tampering, with a separate equalizer, we generally install a security cover on it after we have tuned it.
  4. Many features which are available on separate mixers are not available on Powered Mixers (such as Mute, Subgroups, more than 2 or 3 Auxiliary sends).

Having said all that, there are some good Powered Mixers well worth considering.

Whatever your church requirement is, we can supply, and install the right equipment for you.  Because you are getting it all from one source, you achieve good compatibility and good service.  Alectro Systems provides full support and service for everything we sell.

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