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Allen and Heath PA / CP Series

Electro-Voic PM1000Allen and Heath makes some good Powered Mixers. The PA12CP is the 10 channel version (8 mono and 2 stereo) and the PA20CP has 18 channels (16 mono and 2 stereo).

The Allen & Heath PA20CP is a stereo 500 watt per channel powered mixer. It has 16 mono channels plus 2 stereo channels. Each mono channel has a microphone input with phantom power as well as a line level input, insert jack, a gain control, 4 band equalization with center frequency sweep, two separate internal effects levels, four auxiliary sends (including the effects), mute, pan, pre fade listen and a channel fader. The stereo channels are very similar except that there is no mid sweep, and there are two line inputs with separate gain controls and no mic input.

The mixer has several outputs including Left and Right, Mono, AB, Aux1, FX, FB1, FB2, Tape Record, Headphones, and SPDIF (digital). There are two graphic equalizers and an effects processor.

The PA20CP is a compact unit, loaded with power and features.

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