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Basic Powered Mixers (Mixer/Amplifiers)


Bogen GS Series Mixer/Amplifier

Bogen GS 150The Bogen GS150 is a 150 watt amplifier with 7 inputs and a 10 band equalizer. Six inputs accept low impedance balanced microphones and have phantom power. Four of them have standard 3-pin mic jacks. Two of the inputs will accept auxiliary inputs such as CD or tape deck. The unit is at the top end of the Bogen line, and is a reasonable unit for sound reinforcement in small applications. The series includes a GS100 (100 watt), GS150 (150 watt), and GS250 (250 watt) version.

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Crown Audio MA Series Mixer/Amplifier

Another good choice is the Crown Audio MA Series. They are available with 3 to 8 inputs ranging from 35 to 160 watts.




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Whatever your church requirement is, we can supply, and install the right equipment for you.  Because you are getting it all from one source, you achieve good compatibility and good service.  Alectro Systems provides full support and service for everything we sell.

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