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Reference Monitors

The purpose of a stage monitor speaker is to give the musicians and singers the reference sound they need to keep in tune and in time. They will never hear the quality of sound which the congregation hears.

A reference monitor is a small speaker which can sit on the floor, keyboard, or often a microphone stand. It provides clear mid and high frequency sound, with intentionally rolled off low frequency. This gives clear sound to the musicians and singers without producing too much sound out the back of the speaker.

The advantages of the reference monitor are that it is a small, less conspicuous speaker, it can be located closer to the people using it, and it produces less sound out the back. The disadvantage is that it has poor bass response.

A Compact Reference Monitor which we use on a regular basis is the Galaxy Audio HS-7 Reference Monitor

Galaxy HS-7 Hotspot Monitor

Hotspot reference monitorThe Galaxy HS-7 is a very efficient, compact monitor speaker. It's high impedance (16 ohms) and high efficiency make it ideal for multiple monitor situations. The unit can sit on the floor or mount on a microphone stand for close use. The frequency response is tailored for reference monitor application. It has a rolled off low frequency which reduces unwanted sound folding back into the room, and improves the clarity of sound for the performer. The HS-7 handles up to 200 watts and has a built in volume control which gives the user control of the final volume level.

Two combination Speakon / 1/4" Phone jacks provide connection to the unit. A microphone stand adapter is included.

Price and Data Sheet

The Hot Spot is also available in a Powered Monitor / Portable PA version.

Galaxy PA6S Powered Monitor

PA6SThe Galaxy PA6S is a compact portable PA system / Powered Monitor. The unit is approximately 6 x 6 x 11 inches, and weighs only 13 pounds. It has a built in speaker and 155 watt amplifier. Inputs include an XLR balanced microphone jack with phantom power and a 1/4 inch phone jack for instruments or monitor feed from a mixer. The PA6S has a 3 band equalizer and separate volume controls for each of the 2 inputs. It also has a speaker out jack to allow

Price and Data Sheet


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