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Working With Stage Monitors

Although Monitor systems are often necessary, they often cause problems in church sound systems. Floor Monitors provide a great opportunity to destroy the sound for the congregation and create feedback.

Full Range Monitors

A full range monitor is usually a two way speaker with a woofer and tweeter. It has full range frequency response to reproduce the low, mid and high frequencies. It therefore gives a you a full and reasonably accurate sound. This can create problems though.

Reference Monitors

The purpose of a monitor speaker is to give the musicians and singers the reference sound they need to keep in tune and in time. A compact reference monitor can accomplish this without producing the problems associated with a Full Range monitor.

In-Ear Monitors

This technology is very popular in professional shows, and is an excellent solution for Church monitor problems.

Aviom Personal Monitor Mixing System

The Aviom system enables every singer and musician to control their own personal monitor mix.

Headphones & Earphones

A proper set of headphones or earphones can make or break whatever application they are being used for. From Hearing Assistance Systems, to In-Ear Monitor Systems, and even PFL use when mixing, a proper selection can make a world of difference.

Sound Tips On Monitors

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We are having trouble with our monitor speakers, how can we use them effectively?

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