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Full Range Monitors

A full range monitor is usually a two way speaker with a woofer and tweeter. It has full range frequency response to reproduce the low, mid and high frequencies. It therefore gives a you a full and reasonably accurate sound.

The advantage of the full range monitor is that it sounds good. The disadvantages are that it is a large speaker and it contributes to muddy sound for the congregation. Because it reproduces the low frequencies well, this bass comes out the back of the monitor into the congregation. For this reason, you need to be very careful not to let the monitor sound get too loud.

A good Full Range Monitor Speaker is the JBL JRX112M Full Range Monitor.

JBL JRX112M Monitor

Electro-Voice Force MonitorThe JRX112M monitor is a wedge shaped floor monitor. It uses a 12 inch woofer with an 90 x 50 degree constant directivity horn. This gives you good full range sound with high efficiency (99db at 1 watt at 1 meter). It will handle 250 watts continuous (1000 watts short term). This is more power than you need for any church


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