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Aviom Personal Monitor Mixing System

Minimum Hassle, Maximum Performance:

Almost all performers and audio technicians have experienced frustrations with monitor levels. Whether you have several separate monitor mixes or just one, it is difficult to achieve a balance that everyone will like let alone a balance that will be effective throughout an entire or worship service. A good solution to these frustrations is the Aviom Personal Monitor system. It can be used as a stand alone monitor system or combined with existing monitors and is a reasonably priced and simple way to eliminate these problems. This is because each performer can adjust and change their own monitor balance to the exact way they want it at any time through the use of a little mixer. One major benefit for this system is monitor levels can stay much lower thus avoiding interference with the main speakers. Furthermore, the AN-16 will accept a wide range of monitors including headphones, ear-buds, and monitor speakers to accommodate each performers needs a comforts. Another benefit is its portability and its convenience. These personal mixers are small, lightweight, and can rest on a mic stand to allow for easy access while remaining relatively inconspicuous. But the most advantageous part with the AN-16 personal monitor system is the audio technician can focus on delivering quality sound to the main speakers and the performers can concentrate on their performance.

The AN-16 personal monitor mixing system can be used as a stand alone monitor system or combined with existing monitors. It consists of an AN-16/i input module and AN-16 portable mixing consoles. This system converts analog, audio signal into digital signals which can be sent through basic Cat-5 cable to various locations up to 500 feet away.

Here is how the system works.

The AN-16/i input module can accept up to sixteen balanced line inputs which connect to the direct out jacks on each channel on your main sound mixer. This brings the audio from each microphone and instrument independently into the AN-16/i module. The module then converts the audio into digital form which is transmitted through standard CAT-5 cable to locations up to 500 feet away. If you have more than sixteen audio channels in the monitor mix, the AN-16/i can be bridged with multiple AN-16/i units.

Price and Data Sheet

The other end of the CAT-5 cable plugs into an A-16II Personal Monitor Mixer. Any number of these mixers can be daisy-chained together. The mixer converts the digital signal back into the original sixteen audio signals separated and ready for the musician or singer to mix themselves to provide exactly what they want to hear.

If the distance between the personal monitor mixers makes daisychaining them inconvenient or challenging you can use an A-16D which is a digital splitter. It takes the digital signal feed from the A-16/i connected to your main sound board and splits the signal into eight separate digital feeds which can be routed to any personal monitor mixer in any location up to 500 feet away.

The output from the A-16II can feed directly into an in-ear monitor, headphones, a powered monitor speaker, or a monitor amplifier. This gives not only complete flexibility in what they hear, but also how they hear it.


Price and Data Sheet

Aviom Personal Monitor System:

Configuration with one personal monitor mixer.

Aviom Personal Monitor System:

Configuration with multiple personal monitor mixers.



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