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Introduction To Mixing Consoles

The mixing console or mixer is at the center of your church sound system. This is the unit that accepts various types of inputs such as microphones, instruments, CD players and more. It then allows you to control and mix the sound and send it off to a wide variety of different areas. These areas may include;

To gain a better understanding of various mixers used in church sound systems, please visit the Sample Configurations section to see how typical systems are configured.

Alectro Systems carries several lines of professional mixers. As with speakers and microphones we make our selection based on value and performance. We watch the market and carefully test and evaluate new products which appear to be of interest. We compare their sound quality, features, background noise, reliability, ease of repair, as well as price. This way we can weed out the good from the not-so-good.

Our church sound customers require a wide range of equipment. Some only need three or four microphones using a basic 5 channel mixer/amplifier. Others require a 24 or 32 channel mixer with sub groups, signal processing and stereo main speakers, several monitor mixes, and multi-track recording capabilities. There are also of course many with requirements in between.

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