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Allen & Heath W3 Series Mixers

WZ162DXThe Allen & Heath W3 series is a great compact mixer for small to medium size applications. It is available with 10 and 16 channels. On the 16 channel version, all of the channels accept microphone or auxiliary inputs with individual volume controls for main and auxiliary 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 outputs. In addition to the main channels, there are two stereo auxiliary inputs which can accept a stereo tape deck and a stereo CD player. Each channel also has its own four band equalizer, two with frequency sweep. The unit provides separate mixes for main speakers (stereo), and monitors. There are also five other mixes which could be used for other outputs such as tape recording and distribution speakers. In this manner it functions as seven mixers in one.

Each microphone channel has phantom power for condenser microphones plus a gain control, attenuation switch, low frequency roll off switch, channel ON button, peak indicator and Pre Fade Listen button for individual channel monitoring.

The W3-1602 has two internal digital effects processors. They can operate as two fully independent processors or combined as one stereo unit. This is a rare feature in a mixer, which saves hundreds of dollars in outboard equipment.

The unit is simple to operate but has the flexibility required to do professional theatre quality sound. Being a British board, it has world renowned British EQ. Studio and live sound technicians around the world prefer the British tone controls because of the way they are tapered. This controls the sound in a better way than American and other technologies.

The 12 channel version has 8 mono channels and 2 stereo line channels.

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