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Exploring Your Options

Now you need to check some of the various professional microphones which are designed for the application.  You will find that some work significantly better than others.  Although the general rule "you get what you pay for" usually applies to a point, there are exceptions.  Some manufacturers might make some great vocal microphones, while others shine in choir microphones, or pulpit microphones.  Most professional manufacturers have some "Gems" and some "Not-so-goods".  Price is not always the determining factor.

Alectro Systems carries many different lines of professional microphones, and we make a point of analyzing and evaluating many of them on an ongoing basis to select the best of the best.  We check handling noise, frequency response, pickup range, unwanted sound rejection, proximity effect, physical and electrical reliability, product support, etc.  This way we can select and install the best microphones for each application.

Some of the current "Gems" are The AKG C535EB, Electro-Voice RE90H and CPL C33E and AKG CK47.


AKG C535EB Condenser MicrophoneThe AKG C535 is an excellent vocal and instrument condenser microphone.  It has a very smooth response with a slight rise in the 7-12KHz range to give it some presence.  This microphone has a low proximity effect producing a natural sound up close or at any distance.  It is therefore an excellent choice for multipurpose applications where it might be used at various distances.  The C535 is a great sounding microphone which is very versatile and forgiving.  It fits nicely into both the performance and studio categories.

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Electro-Voice RE90H

The Electro-Voice RE90H is a very small hanging choir microphone.  It hangs by its wire and has an integral angling system.  The unit has a low proximity effect and good pickup range.  It is available in black or white.  The RE90H is a condenser microphone which requires phantom power.

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The CPL C33E is an excellent choice for pulpits and lecterns due to it's slim, inconspicuous design, low proximity effect, and quiet, easily adjustable integral gooseneck.  The low proximity effect gives a natural sound at distances beyond 4 inches where most microphones sound very "thin" and "tinny".  It also has about the furthest pick up range possible.  It is a condenser microphone which requires phantom power.  The C33 is the 12 inch version.  It is also available in a 6 inch (C31), 9 inch (C32) and 18 inch (C34).

When we install a microphone on a pulpit or lectern, we usually use an SM93 shock mount. This is a high quality rubber isolation unit which is permanently attached to the wood surface. It is recessed into a 2 inch hole in the wood, and the microphone snaps into a connector which is part of the SM93. The SM93 shock mount eliminates sound transfer from the wood into the microphone. Any noises from bumping the wood surface, opening books, or even walking on the floor are prevented from getting to the microphone.

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The AKG CK47 is an excellent gooseneck microphone head. It needs to mount onto a GN-E series Gooseneck, which is available in several lengths. The CK47 is immune to "Pops", has an excellent pick-up range and provides unusually natural frequency response. Unlike most gooseneck microphones, the CK47 maintains a rich sound similar to the C535.



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