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Telex Soundmate System Details

Telex Soundmate SystemThe Telex Soundmate Personal Listening System is a low cost solution to hearing assistance. The transmitter connects to the amplifier and transmits directly to the pocket receivers.

The transmitter has a range of about 1000 feet and will go through floors, ceilings and walls. This means that the listener can pick up the signal anywhere in the building. The transmitter can easily be moved to any other location and connected to another amplifier or directly to a microphone. This allows you to use the system anywhere. There are many options including various styles of earbuds, headphones and neckloops.

Although the Soundmate works quite well in many church environments, the Listen system is far superior.




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Telex Soundmate SR50 Receiver

SR50The Telex SR50 Receiver is an add on to the Telex Soundmate Hearing assistance system. If you have purchased the Soundmate system elsewhere and wish to increase the number of receivers, you need to check the operating frequency of your system before ordering this part. When you purchase the system from Alectro Systems, we keep a record of your frequency.

Batteries Required : 2 AA (Alkaline batteries recommended)
Approx. Usage Time: up to 30 hours

The SR50 Receiver comes in an attractive white case that will fit in a pocket or clip onto a belt. The raised volume control makes this unit easy to use.

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LA-161 Single Earbud


Single Earbud for use with SR50 receiver. This is the standard one which most customers like. There are many other options.

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LA166 Neckloop Assembly

NL-4SAllows you to use hearing aids equipped with telecoils on the Soundmate Hearing Assistance System. Simply plug the neckloop into the SR-50 receive, place the loop around your neck and switch your hearing aid to telephone.



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LA163 Earbud Cushions

CCS-12Set of 20 replacement earbud cushions to use with SEB single and DEB dual earbuds.
Changing earbud cushions on the allows you to get more use out of your headphones, without compromising personal hygiene.



Simultaneous Translation System

The same Soundmate or Listen system is also perfect for simultaneous language translation. Instead of connecting the transmitter to your church's sound system, you can simply plug a microphone into the transmitter. The person doing the translating speaks into the microphone and all the people with pocket receivers will hear the translation. Sometimes we use full muff headphones such as the AKG K512 instead of earbuds. This blocks out the surrounding room sound enabling the person to concentrate better on the language they want to hear.

You need a separate transmitter and set of receivers for each translation language, and also a separate system for hearing assistance.


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