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Hearing Assistance Systems

Hearing Assistance Systems

A Comparison Of Hearing Assistance Systems

We explain the different types of hearing assistance systems that are used in churches and explore the pros and cons of each.

Listen System Details

Discover more about the Listen hearing assistance system and why we use it in so many of our church sound system installations.


Telex Soundmate System Details

The Telex Soundmate system is similar to the Listen system with a lower level of performance. Learn more about this system.


SR-50Soundmate AAR-10 / SR-50 Compatibility

If you have an older Soundmate System with AAR-10 receivers you can find the SR-50 equivalent replacement unit.


Sound Tips for Hearing Systems

What are the different types of hearing assistance systems and what is the best one for our Church?

Hearing Assistance Systems In Our Store

Hearing Assistance Systems
Complete Telex Soundmate System
Complete Listen System

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