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Church Sound System Configurations

Church Sound System Configurations

Church Sound reinforcement systems include the following items to make up a full installation package.
  1. Microphones - wired and / or wireless
  2. Mixer / Amplifier or separate mixer, equalizer, and amplifier
  3. Main Speakers
  4. Wiring to interconnect the components

Additional items

Alectro Systems also offers additional items for church sound reinforcement systems such as:

  1. CD Recorder and / or player
  2. Digital Audio Recorder
  3. Monitor speakers and In-Ear monitors for singers, musicians and choir
  4. Hearing Assistance
  5. Fill-in speakers for under balcony seats
  6. Rear Fill-in speakers for long rooms
  7. Distribution speakers for Foyer and other rooms
  8. Sound Feeds to Video System

Three Examples Of Typical Church Sound Systems

The first example might be used in a small church (100 people) for speech and possibly limited live music. It has some expansion capability such as Tape / CD, and Hearing assistance.

The second example is designed for speech and live music. This system produces more accurate sound, is more flexible, and provides more expansion capability. We can still add a lot more to this type of system.

The third example is an expansion of the second one, adding more channels, speaker systems and features.

Please note that Alectro Systems custom designs every Church sound system. We account for all your present needs and try to anticipate future requirements as well.

If you would like us to help you design a system for your Church, please contct us.

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