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Introduction to Signal Processors


Different functions performed by Signal Processors:


The primary purpose of the Equalizer is the tune the speakers to the room. The most common type of equalizer for this purpose is the Graphic Equalizer. Once the system has been properly tuned, (assuming you have good speakers), the sound in your room will be accurate and feedback problems will be reduced.

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Digital Delay:

In some larger churches, we install more than one set of speakers in the room. Sometimes there is a main set at the front, a second set about 2/3 of the way back, a third set for under balcony fill-in, and possibly a fourth set in the foyer. In cases like this, each set of speakers should be delayed so that the sound reaches people's ears from all speakers in front of them simultaneously.


Compressor / Limiters:

Compressor / Limiters are used primarily for two applications in live sound. One is to limit the maximum sound pressure level from the speakers in order to protect the speakers as well as ears. The other is to even out differences in volume when you have different people using a microphone, or when the person changes the volume of their voice.

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Feedback Suppressers:

A Feedback Suppresser is an electronic device which automatically searches and destroys feedback. It is useful for unattended sound systems where there is no one to stop the feedback if it occurs. It is also helpful in increasing the amount of volume you can get from a microphone before it goes into feedback.

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System Processors:

A component we use in almost all the sound systems we install is the Driverack260. This unit combines all of the above functions into a single, programmable unit.

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Effects Processors:

In Live Sound systems, an Effects Processor is primarily used to add room effects (echo and reverberation) to vocal microphones. They can also add special effects such as pitch shift etc.


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