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How to link your main sound system to another one in the building

If you already have, or want to add, an independent sound system in another room such as the Church Hall or Gymnasium, it is easy to feed sound from your main church sound system into the second sound system. All you need to do, is connect a wire from a Line Out (or Auxiliary Out) on your main sound system mixer to a Line In (or Auxiliary In) on your second sound system.

An example of this is shown below.

If you only have balanced microphone inputs available on your second system you can still link from the Line Out on the main mixer to a microphone input on the second mixer using a NP2CT10AA connector with a line matching transformer built into it. This connector goes on the Line Out of the main mixer and a NC3MX microphone connector goes on the remote amplifier end.

Sometimes when you connect between two sound systems in separate rooms, you create a Ground Loop which causes AC hum on your sound system. If this is the case, you will need an AGDC2 Ground Loop Decoupler. Click here for more information on this subject.

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